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About this site
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Forgotten Taverns

Forgotten Taverns, an independent publication by Joann Michalik, explores the deeper meanings of history by “living in a tavern” – meeting the people, looking at the supply chain, talking about the laws, and of course, tasting the drinks over three centuries, starting in the 17th century.

Forgotten Taverns focuses on the taverns of Andover, Massachusetts. Andover’s extensive original records provide ample resources for a robust and accurate depiction of early American life. It is also conveniently my hometown.


I have lived with antiques and old houses my whole life. Whenever I walked into my grandparent’s ca.1794 house, they would hand me a new item and ask me “what is it?” These “what is it” games sparked my curiosity, and often my surprise to learn that my grandparents did not know the answer. They too were learning and fascinated by history. So began my journey to know more than what is written in history books.

Later, I became an engineer and a process improvement (supply chain) consultant working in manufacturing. I learned to ask “why” five times, and like the “what is it” game, the answer often surprised me.

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